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Check Your Compass and Stay the Course

I think the single most destructive force we face during times of difficulty is our own mind – the negativity, the doubt, the belief that things will not change for the better.

All these thoughts and emotions conspire to get the best of us. It’s natural, it’s human, it’s to be expected. That being said, I challenge you to plan for it. Know that you will have “those days” – you know the ones. Those are the days when you may wonder what the heck you’re doing, and where the heck you’re going with your life.

When I say I challenge you to plan for it, this is what I mean:

1. Know what your goals are.

2. Chart an overall course for how to achieve these goals (ex: enroll in school, get a certification, network with a certain group, etc.).

3. Schedule a series of events that are aligned with an action plan (a checklist of sorts) that move you in the direction of that goal. ALWAYS HAVE A TO DO LIST!! Why? Read on..

4. When you have those days where you don’t have the mojo, the energy, the vision, to keep you motivated i Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. n doing the things you need to, GO TO THE LIST.

5. Forge ahead on the list – even the littlest things, like checking emails, reaching out to even one person, or doing any little task related to your goals, will help put you back on track and get refocused.

6. Most importantly, realize that this is part of life, and this feeling is temporary. Allow yourself a moment to take a break, and THEN…

7. Get up the next day and KICK BUTT!!!

Once you accept the fact that life is full of ups and downs (I know that is VERY cliche, but so be it), you’ll be better prepared to navigate through the emotional times, and savor the high times even more. Stay the course, and carry on. You WILL find your way!

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