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Our certified practitioners administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and the Strong Interest Inventory® - both powerful, scientifically proven, and globally recognized assessments that help you gain invaluable, actionable insight.

These are two of the world's most trusted people development tools. But, why use them?

  • Use the Strong Interest Inventory® to help employees align interests to career paths and company objectives.

  • Create high-performing teams and help them work more cohesively to grow your business.

  • Nurture high-performing managers, identify leadership competencies, and support succession planning. 

  • Get the best from your people by enhancing self-awareness and improving emotional intelligence.

  • Attract and retain talent through a vibrant culture of effective communication, group dynamic, and leadership.

  • Enhance overall workplace well-being.

  • Consider MBTI® types to implement best practices for managing & training virtual teams.

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