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Using Custom Training to Meet Business Goals - Part 2, Corporate Culture

Another benefit to using custom content is that it can be used as a vehicle to further promote your corporate culture by incorporating strategic messaging within training content that is disseminated throughout the organization. This is often referred to as the “golden thread” and is a design tactic that takes advantage of speaking to its training audience through messaging that is embedded into training materials. This approach is aimed at informing learners about how a particular segment of training is not only relevant to a company’s goals but is also aligned with the company’s culture and/or mission.

This helps to ensure consistency throughout departments, reinforce core values, and fortify communication efforts affiliated with annual corporate campaigns, for example. It also can enhance employee engagement and foster morale. Alas, a more engaged workforce is more likely to yield more positive interactions among your customer base, and thus aids in keeping customer loyalty, which often translates into maintaining better market share in your industry.

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