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Using Custom Training to Meet Business Goals - Part 5, Wrapping Up

This week we covered key points to consider regarding custom training:

  • Use custom training to address your company's unique needs

  • Incorporate your corporate culture and values

  • Leverage systems and processes you already have

  • Make sure content is authentic and relevant

You may want to explore the possibilities of having your own custom content developed. Through an array of technologies, you can address the ever-changing needs of your learner audience.

From traditional e-learning and mobile learning to augmented & virtual reality technologies to gamification, simulations, and demos, your options are nearly limitless. Coupled with strong instructional design best practices such as scenario-based training and role-specific learning paths, there are many avenues to employing highly interactive and engaging customized training which focuses on your company’s unique needs and aims to help you achieve your business goals.

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