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Using Custom Training to Meet Business Goals - Part 3, Leverage What You Have

One of the most useful benefits to developing custom content is the fact that by default it is adaptable to whatever your circumstance or environment is. When considering learners, especially newly hired employees, you want to eliminate or reduce confusion and learning curves as much as possible. When you have full control over the degree to which you can customize your training content, you also gain efficiency and ultimately long-term savings by leveraging existing infrastructures and developing content that flows well with your business processes.

You are also more likely to enhance the overall learning experience and enjoy a higher rate of knowledge transfer by implementing familiar user interfaces, aligning task-based training with existing workflows, and creating interactions that are meaningful and unique to the needs of learners. This is an effective way to translate your company’s unique and sometimes complex topics into easy-to-understand instructionally sound content. Examples include safety, regulatory, compliance, or other mission-critical topics for unique industries that out-of-the-box training materials cannot address quite as well.

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